Friday, October 5, 2012


Mistress O & the Bees - a whirlwind of insects is a fairytale about a girl who swallows some bees, told in the form of a story with songs and gestures, projected drawings and mobile making. The show was written, designed and performed by Undine Sellbach and Stephen Loo for Sexuate Subjects: Politics, Poetics, Ethics, 3-5 Dec 2010, University College London. Rethinking Behaviour and Conservation: The History, Philosophy and Future of Ethology II, 26-28 Nov 2011, Centre for Social Inclusion, Macquarie University.

Mistress O & the Bees has also been presented for children and their parents as part of Kelly’s Garden’s Curated Projects, Hobart, April 2012, and performed in the Sydney Biennale in late August 2012 as part of Stitching Time, an instillation by philosopher/artists Erin Manning and Brian Massumi.

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