Saturday, May 8, 2010


The Floating Islands is a book & CD made by myself, my father Udo Sellbach and composer Mikelangelo.

The Floating Islands began with a vast series of small ink drawings, which were made by Udo during the last eight years of his life. The pictures chronicle an alternative evolution of fantastical animals, birds, insects and sea creatures that dwell in a mysterious volcanic archipelago. Both story and music were made in response to these evocative drawings.

The story begins with Udo, an old man living a solitary life at the very bottom of the world. One night a strange Beast appears and carrries him across the sea and over the horizon. When he wakes he is on a small island. To his surprise, he finds that he has grown backwards, from an old many into a young boy. The boy Udo sets out to explore and soon discovers the remarkable world of the Floating Islands.

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